Om oss...

Vi är en samling människor som har valt att lysa upp tillvaron för andra genom att plocka fram konstiga mojänger som blinkar ur svarta lådor och hänga upp dessa på märkliga ställen för er förnöjelse. I denna anspråkslösa blogg ska vi försöka förmedla hur våra dagar och nätter kan te sig under Melodifestivalen 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 samt under Eurovision Song Contest 2013 och 2016. Nu utökar vi denna blogg att även omfatta 2018 års upplaga av Melodifestivalen! Kort sagt, hur har vi det när cirkusen kommer till stan? Vi ska försöka att hålla bloggen aktuell, men ber om överseende om vi inte hinner uppdatera den varje dag, vi kommer att ha en del annat att göra också. Hoppas ni finner detta underhållande och vi önskar er trevlig läsning! Varma hälsningar, Ljuscrewet Melodifestivalen 2018.

måndag 22 januari 2018


Long time no see.......

Well, let´s start up the engines for 2018 with some fresh prep pictures, courtesy Lucas Lindholm from Litecoms "The Cube" in Copenhagen where the shape of this years lighting rig is coming together.

So, 2017 was a very busy year to say the least, and 2018 is turning into something equally busy. 
I will try to update the blog more frequent during the year, for starters i´ll try to get a post up each day of the Mello-tour starting today since we also start the prewiz for the project.

With that said, let´s start it up!

CU around!

måndag 6 mars 2017


Linda Pira

Intermission act 2, second chance.



Loreen during rehersals.

Linda Pira again

Lisa Ajax

Loreen, "Statements"

Intermission act

And some more...


Portman lights on stage with Les Gordons

Mirrorball helmets!

Programming session..

FOH in the middle of the night...

Jon Henrik Fjällgren

And some more.


onsdag 1 mars 2017

Och lite press....



Monday evening was one of the craziest nights in my life.
After almost 30 years in a proffession where crazy usually is the norm any given work day, craziest, sort of sums up the evening.
I am truly overwhelmed by winning this award, especially given the firece competition in the category.

Therefore, i would like to thank you all, who took your time voting for me in order to get me on the shortlist. Without you, this would never had happened.
I would also like to thank the organizers and the jury of the TPi Awards for a wicked night and for honouring me this award. 
I feel truly blessed. To wake up with this fine prize resting on the pillow was a fantastic feeling.

I also want to thank my loving family who puts up with me being grumpy and away during productions. They always support me and stands behind me in everything i do.
I love you.

Nothing of what i do would be possible if i did not have a dedicated lighting crew. All the technicians and operators who with blood, sweat and hard work put my crazy ideas to life. No obstacle to hard, no timeframe to short, they always stand behind me and takes care of buisness.
You are all part of my family and you have my deepest respect.
You all share this award with me and i see you soon on the barricades.

Finally, i´d like to thank everybody for all the love and support flowing in from all over the world, i do appreciate it.

All the best, 
Fredrik Jönsson