Om oss...

Vi är en samling människor som har valt att lysa upp tillvaron för andra genom att plocka fram konstiga mojänger som blinkar ur svarta lådor och hänga upp dessa på märkliga ställen för er förnöjelse. I denna anspråkslösa blogg ska vi försöka förmedla hur våra dagar och nätter kan te sig under Melodifestivalen 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 samt under Eurovision Song Contest 2013 och 2016. Nu utökar vi denna blogg att även omfatta 2019 års upplaga av Melodifestivalen! Kort sagt, hur har vi det när cirkusen kommer till stan? Vi ska försöka att hålla bloggen aktuell, men ber om överseende om vi inte hinner uppdatera den varje dag, vi kommer att ha en del annat att göra också. Hoppas ni finner detta underhållande och vi önskar er trevlig läsning! Varma hälsningar, Ljuscrewet Melodifestivalen 2018.

söndag 28 april 2013


...from the followspot busstop.

Saturday night!

While the rest of the world enjoying whatever they do on 
Saturday nights, we´re checking lights and cues...

And Q-lan Wallertz is in da house!
He is our trusted followspot caller and will keep them 
spots under a "tight" command!

And down in the trenches, the soldiers are lining up...

But the fireworks are up in the roof...

Today we start rehersals with cameras, 
and first up is a very cool intrerval session.
It´s a secret so i can´t tell you about it, 
but there is some really cool technology doing some nice work in it....

fredag 26 april 2013

On the nightshift.

 We´re getting there, a little at the time..

Timo is adding what he is calling a "flurp" to it!

Bullen is working on a "hedgehog", 
as you hear it all goes wrong during the late hours.

tisdag 23 april 2013

Nuff said..

And the eurovisionquote for the next 25 days is....

Malmö Tuesday....

Finally in place in Malmö Arena!

 Our FOH is slightly bigger than Melodifestivalens stage...

Part of the set under construction.

 We have some moving "pods",
here´s one of them is being loaded with Leaderlighs.

 Is everything to plan?

In the prestage area, things are piling up!
Here a pile of A&O 7kW Falcons.

And a pile of Clay Paky Glow up strips!

TAIT has unloaded a huge "pile" to say the least..

More piles of Clay Paky gear!

Every time he sees us, he tries to get away!
Problem is it is impossible to outrun him on that thing.

Encore system at the Hippofarm.

The Hippos are living in the area wich normally 
hold the Zambonis that keep the ice in good shape 
when the arena are used for hockey.

Part of the projector farm.

It´s a bit crowded in the roof....


On site, Mr Melzig had pimped our FOH...

fredag 19 april 2013

Pre production loadout!

So, time flies and pre production is over.
All gear is to be packed in boxes, rolled 
on to a trailer and shipped to Malmö Arena.

But first some snapshots from our last day at the SVT office...

The symbol of the year, the butterfly is everywhere!

Running through one of the cuelists.

The boys are enjoying  one of the songs!

Suddenly this pic appeared on the set designers door.....
Should i be worried?

Emma at work with one of the interval acts.

All sorts of strange gear is being packed.
Is that a baby stroller??

Dismantling the prewiz studio..
See you in Malmö Arena!

Moving on...


onsdag 10 april 2013


The crew looves me! Well sort of.
Confidence is high!

Danne tries the "saintlook"....
"it was broken when i touched it!"

Trying something blue...

Groundhog update...

So, we still up and at it and making progress, well sort of...

The videoboys are enjoying some of the songs....

And i quote: "what the fuuuuk..."
All said in a english/finnish sort of way, 
well you get the picture..

Ola is happy with the fact that we did not manage 
to set this particular fabric on fire...
Or maybe a bit hesitant?

A little peak of the NPU world...

Pixelboys creating content for our ever so increasing projectorcount...

Wash - indeed.....

Parts of the Hippofarm humming away!