Om oss...

Vi är en samling människor som har valt att lysa upp tillvaron för andra genom att plocka fram konstiga mojänger som blinkar ur svarta lådor och hänga upp dessa på märkliga ställen för er förnöjelse. I denna anspråkslösa blogg ska vi försöka förmedla hur våra dagar och nätter kan te sig under Melodifestivalen 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 samt under Eurovision Song Contest 2013 och 2016. Nu utökar vi denna blogg att även omfatta 2019 års upplaga av Melodifestivalen! Kort sagt, hur har vi det när cirkusen kommer till stan? Vi ska försöka att hålla bloggen aktuell, men ber om överseende om vi inte hinner uppdatera den varje dag, vi kommer att ha en del annat att göra också. Hoppas ni finner detta underhållande och vi önskar er trevlig läsning! Varma hälsningar, Ljuscrewet Melodifestivalen 2018.

tisdag 21 maj 2013



I humble bow my head and thank you all for the love and positive feedback that are pouring in from all over the world and from places and people i could never imagined...

I do appreciate it.

However, there is time to do some shoutouts for the people that make all this possible, so here goes!

Emma Landare, Assistant LD who dealt with the openings, interval acts, host and greenroom - i would have killed myself (and some) if i have tried to manage all that - 

you stopped that from happening and did fantastic lighting.
Big hug!

Mikki Kunttu, Content Designer de luxe! - I would have died once more if i had tried to manage this! Fantastic work my friend and a real pleasure to have you onboard! Sorry for the hockey, but "it is what it is.."

Danne Persson, Calle Brattberg, Timo Kauristo, Bullen Lagerbielke, My fantastic four at FOH managing all the wobbly buckets plus winches, gadgets and other stuff - you saved my ass - again, as you always have done!
I owe you...

Q-lan Wallertz, my trustworthy followspotcaller, now let´s talk about typecasting? When it comes to hireing the right man for the right job - you´re "spot" on! Flawless, flawless and a pure joy to have you!
To all the followspot operatorsi can only say that i will always be greatful for their dedication.

Peter Andersson, my Gaffer who solved everything before it actually happened? Manhug!

Mikko Linnavuori, Neil Trenell, Mikkis boys who managed the biggest projection instruments in the world, a real pleasure to work with you and i sincerely hope we´ll meet again on the barricades!

Helen G Marenghi, Hanna Wilenus, Stuart Barlow, The Wiewing room crew who managed stressed deleagtions and gave us correct and "to the point" Feedback - you made my life easy! Big Hugs!

To the whole PRG/Starlight crew, to many to mention, but i´ll take it that everybody who reads this and have a connection will forward this message: YOU ARE ALL PROS!

And least, but in no way last - Mr. Ola Melzig, whom i´ll keep responsible for this journey and whom i´ll be seeking sweet revenge on in the future...
Love you man....

And FINALLY - one thing,
ESC 2013 - We are DONE!
Over. Out.

Nothing further...