Om oss...

Vi är en samling människor som har valt att lysa upp tillvaron för andra genom att plocka fram konstiga mojänger som blinkar ur svarta lådor och hänga upp dessa på märkliga ställen för er förnöjelse. I denna anspråkslösa blogg ska vi försöka förmedla hur våra dagar och nätter kan te sig under Melodifestivalen 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 samt under Eurovision Song Contest 2013 och 2016. Nu utökar vi denna blogg att även omfatta 2019 års upplaga av Melodifestivalen! Kort sagt, hur har vi det när cirkusen kommer till stan? Vi ska försöka att hålla bloggen aktuell, men ber om överseende om vi inte hinner uppdatera den varje dag, vi kommer att ha en del annat att göra också. Hoppas ni finner detta underhållande och vi önskar er trevlig läsning! Varma hälsningar, Ljuscrewet Melodifestivalen 2018.

onsdag 30 november 2016

TPi Awards Shortlist!

I truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank all of you who took from your precious time and voted for me.
This is absoulutely mind blowing.
And to be in the company of these other fine craftsmen in this category are just awesome!

And a few friends and a little gig we did together are on the list as well.
Fantastic! Again, thank you all!

 TPi Awards Shorlist


So the lighting design for Swedens selection tour for ESC, Melodifestivalen 2017 is in the works... 
12 hours to deadline. I need even more coffee...

lördag 5 november 2016


Really surpised and really humble about the fact that i´ve been nominated on the longlist for Lighting Designer of the year together with some of my true role models in this industry at the TPi Awards!
Would be nice to make the shortlist.....
You can also vote for my many friends involved in ESC2016, not to mention the production itself.... Fantastic!

Check out the voting form on this link:

TPi Awards Voting form. 

torsdag 19 maj 2016


So, it´s been a couple of days since we "came together".
I´ve landed safely in the world that keep revolving outside the ESC bubble. 

With some distance to the project that have been occupying my life for the last six months, i am truly grateful for this experience. I am also humble to, and very proud of all the fantastic feedback that pours in like a shockwave of positive energy from all over the world and from places i could not even imagine. 
It feels truly fantastic. 
I feel blessed to have been a part of this with a amazing creative team. 
It have by no means been a picnic, bloody hard work and lot of blood, sweat and tears in the process, but now it all seems worth it. However, this is a team effort, and as you know there is a lot of people involved in a project like this that makes it all possible. 
I can not mention all of you here, but rest assured, you all know who you are and i will never forget the time, energy and effort you put into this project. 
However, a few shoutouts are in order:

Production managment;

Ola Melzig, once again i hold you responsible for everything? Peter Andersson, once again, you are my ace in the deck! Tobias Åberg, done deal?

Assistant Lighting Designer; 

Emma Landare, without you i´ve would have died...

My beloved operators who just bares with me... and then some...

Timo Kauristo Danne Persson Fredrik Stormby
Calle Brattberg

The followspotcaller numero ono, the legendary;

Q-lan Wallertz

The followspots, the best there is, i do not have them all here, but;

Fredrik Hill Katja Aiha Fd Loponen Kevin Moorhouse Janne Sandstén
And there were 10 more...

My battleaxe in the viewingroom; 

Emma Weil, go get them girl! Thanx for taking first blood..

All the skilled technicans;

Gustaf Tydén Joel Papmehl-Dufay Peter Carl Pihlblad Linus Pansell Wictor Westerdahl Nicolai Gubi Schmidt Tobias Winerdal Gian-Carlo Grimaldi Daniel Ekstam Lucas Lindholm
Cassandra Appelgren Martinez
Magnus Lappen Hedberg
Björn Fors
Peter Nillson
Kent Scubring
Mattias Hedberg
Jörgen Barfod
Lasse Skovsted
Bent Lauridsen
Christopher Engström
Sven Thellson

Content Designer; 

Mikki Kunttu - Good work Buddy, we need to this more often?

Videocrew FOH - always on the wall of stars!
Neil Trenell
Pekka Marttinen
Fraser Walker

Head of video; 

Morgan Brown - uppåtpuff!

Our fanatstic supplier, Litecom - awesome, love those pastries...

Girts Putelis Balder Thorrud

The Viewingroom producers; How the F**K did you survive?

Mattias Carlsson Mads Enggaard

And masters of camera directors, You rocked the socks of ESC!

Robin Hofwander Daniel Jelinek

My CCU heroes, again - YOU really saved my ass; 

Irene Wiklund Roger Kihlblom Thomas Dewall

The riggers; "i´m sorry, there is always room for one more fixture..?

Sören Durango Ulf Brynte

AND ALL OF YOU I FORGOT TO MENTION, thank you so much!
Now, i´ll go back to sleep....

Justin Timberlake in da house!


The Globe Arena with lights in the dome.








Georgia with the back followspots.





måndag 9 maj 2016

Dress 1, semi 1.


After all this time and effort, we´re finally in broadcast week...

So Ola is now installed at FOH, this was the welcome he received...

torsdag 5 maj 2016

tisdag 3 maj 2016

Sweden in da house!

Very happy with our greeting of the Swedish Head Of Delegation, Mari Ryberger, when she walked in to the Globe Arena today. Thanks for the help Mikki Kuntto!


måndag 2 maj 2016

Defcon 4. we'll be hit by the first 9 delegations.. Wish us luck! 
More reports to follow.

fredag 22 april 2016

fredag 15 april 2016

Moving on..

So, after four weeks of preparations, 
we dismatle the prewiz studio and moves to the venue!

This is the lighting rig!!
All of it!
Or at least one of each kind!


I´ll have a feeling i miss this quiet place when the shit hits the fan during production...

Some snaps....

Getting there...

One of the 14 different "pods" we have to our disposal.

Black "dots" everywhere...

Official pics

SVT just released pics from the Globe.

ESC right now in the Globe

tisdag 12 april 2016

fredag 8 april 2016

VIKTIGT angående LLB Mässan!


Nytt för i år är att det samtidigt kommer att delas ut två awards till minnet av Pontus "Bullen" Lagerbielke, nämligen Visionary Award och Lifetime achivement. 

Juryn är densamma som övriga LLB awards, nämligen Per Anderhagen, Margareta Andersson, Robert Tinterov och Olof Lindvall, men förstärks i denna del med två personer som är neutrala, dvs inte representerar en tillverkare eller produkt, och som är aktiva i branschen. I år blir det Ola Melzig och Fredrik Jönsson. 

Det går bra att skicka in nomineringar med motiveringar till för Bullen Awards till samma adress,, ange även vilken kategori din nominering avser. 

Båda Bullen-Awards kommer att bestå av ett av Erica Lagerbielke designat glasföremål samt för "Visionary Award" även en resa till en mässa t ex Plasa.

torsdag 7 april 2016

onsdag 6 april 2016

Meanwhile at the Globe Arena.

Rigging continues...

 A forest of steel...

Lights pouring in.


"We got the power!" soon....