Om oss...

Vi är en samling människor som har valt att lysa upp tillvaron för andra genom att plocka fram konstiga mojänger som blinkar ur svarta lådor och hänga upp dessa på märkliga ställen för er förnöjelse. I denna anspråkslösa blogg ska vi försöka förmedla hur våra dagar och nätter kan te sig under Melodifestivalen 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 samt under Eurovision Song Contest 2013 och 2016. Nu utökar vi denna blogg att även omfatta 2019 års upplaga av Melodifestivalen! Kort sagt, hur har vi det när cirkusen kommer till stan? Vi ska försöka att hålla bloggen aktuell, men ber om överseende om vi inte hinner uppdatera den varje dag, vi kommer att ha en del annat att göra också. Hoppas ni finner detta underhållande och vi önskar er trevlig läsning! Varma hälsningar, Ljuscrewet Melodifestivalen 2018.

lördag 27 februari 2016

Gävle, Dress 2.

Week 4.
The fatuige is spreading...

However, these guys keep the spirits up, day and night they punch cues into our system.
How they manage the gruelling hours i do not understand.
Mellos heroes...

A little bit of "My Little Pony" land....

Panetoz energy keeps them bouncing high!

And finally we get to do some metal!

Eclipse waves the metal flag, or mic stand..

We have it all, rotating beacons, fire, bombs, confetti and a LED wall of amps!



tisdag 23 februari 2016

The office...

You know the TV-show "the office"....
Well here i am at the ESC homeoffice with a giant "M" always in my way at all times..... Don't ask. 

ESC Prewiz

So, in a couple of weeks, these cozy premesis, will be filled with lighting consoles, mediaservers, big screens and a bunch of happy campers since it's our prewiz site for the Eurovision...

måndag 22 februari 2016

Norrköping Retrospective.

Once again, the week was very intense.
Not so much regarding Mello, it was not a walk in the park but much more manageble than the weeks before. However, we had some serious deadlines regarding ESC, so all available spare time, which usually means sleeptime, was spent in front of the cad computer....

SaHara on stage.

Tobbe the stagemanager looking for clues...
Or stagemarkings that is...

Swingfly salutes!

After Dark before last chorus.

In the last chrous.

 Lisa Ajax waiting.






fredag 19 februari 2016

Double bubble...

So, since Emma is rehersing openings  and intervals at the venue, i try to keep up with the ESC design locked up at the hotel. 
Getting there.. 

torsdag 18 februari 2016

Dearly beloved....

So, i'm driving this ship - right?

Programming session Norrköping.

Early Thursday morning in Norrköping...

The crew in deep thought...
Looking at another lighting plot or is it netshopping?

So, this week we´re in a shoebox.
A size 36 female shoebox....

And we have some more gadgets on stage...


Looking for clues.... cues!

If the rig breaks down, the venue got us covered!


fredag 12 februari 2016

Malmö Dress 1 coming up.

Well, after a couple of intense days, we´re now minutes from dress 1 in Malmö.
Took the train to the arena today and that gave me some ESC chills.
Used to do that every day in 2013 when we were here for the Eurovision.

The broadcast tomorrow is even more connected to Eurovsion since Krista Siegfrids who competed for Finland in this arena back in 2013, competes with a song in this weeks broadcast in the same arena...

And since Eurovision winner Charlotte Perelli is one of the evenings gueststars, the Eurovision wibe is strong...

This week, again,  there are some VERY complicated acts during tomorrows show...
So the workload have, again, been severe...
How the stage-gang manages to get the stuff in and out on stagein 90 seconds between the songs i do not understand.

Here are some shots from the rehersals so far...

Molly Pettersson Hammar during rehersal.


More lasers!

Some extras.

Lot´s of white tonite!

Krista in Eurovision mode!



Great minds at work...


Headcount Melodifestivalen 2016

So, this is what we travel with:

Tour production:


2x5kW ARRI Fresnels
28xAtomic LED 3000 w. custom gel strings
28xDTS FOS 100 power solo FC
10xLED Soft

36xMAC Quantum Wash
45xMAC Viper Air FX
10xMAC Viper Performance
6xMAC Viper Profile
31xCP Mythos
29xCP Sharpy
24xCP Sharpy Wash 330
24xTW1(14xNarrow, 10xStandard lens)
2xRJ Victor 1800W Followspot
2xRJ Super Korrigan 1200W Followspot


4xGMA Light consoles (2 active, 2 spares)

FOH Video:

2xGMA Light Consoles (1 active, 1 spare)
3xHippotizer Karst 
1xHippotizer Boreal (act extras)

Extras Friends Arena, Final boradcast:

Luminaries extras:

26xCP Alpha Profile 1500
65xCP Sharpy
10xCP Mythos
12xVL3500Wash stipple lens
110xMAC 2000 Wash
1xRJ Victor 1800W Followspot
2xRJ Lancelot 4000W Followspot 

FOH, extras:

2xGMA LIght Consoles (1 active, 1 spare)


torsdag 11 februari 2016


There is so much stupd things goin´on in this pic.
Ace Wilder seems to be the only one who understands it...

onsdag 10 februari 2016

Programming session Malmö in progress...

FOH View in Göteborg - Samir & Viktor.

Bzzzzt - Atomic 3000 LED in da house!

Pernilla Andersson.

FOH right now, 23.53.